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By now you may have heard about Eventnoire being that we were featured on several large publications. Also we have been growing at a tremendous rate being in business for only a few years. However, if you are still unsure of what is making us a rising success, giving our competition a run for their money, we’ll give you 5 reasons.

5 Reasons To Host Your Next Event on Eventnoire.com

1. Black owned and operated

Eventnoire is the premiere event platform for events that celebrate and embrace Black culture. Founded by veteran eventrepreneurs, Eventnoire was designed to help circulate event industry dollars within the Black community and to empower creators who are often underpaid, under resourced, and underappreciated despite major contributions to mainstream culture.

2. Make more money from commissions

Are you a high-volume event producer? Eventnoire rewards loyal event hosts by paying them a commission from their ticket fees for using the platform. This is something you won’t see with other event platforms however we believe that as an event host you should have your cake and eat it too. Sharing is caring and we care about the growth of your business. If you have a large event coming up email jeff@eventnoire.com today. 

3. For creators by creators

Eventnoire was founded by event hosts who understand the pain points of bringing your vision to fruition via events. We know hard it is to build community and we are dedicated to empowering the creator community via resources, support, and more

4. Sponsorship Opportunities

Hosting a large event? Eventnoire sponsors events of 300 or more. Visit our sponsorship request page at eventnoire.com/sponsorships. Furthermore, with an Eventnoire premium membership you we will put your events in front of brands for consideration of sponsorship.

5. Deeper market penetration to influential Black customers.

Black consumers spend approximately $31 billion on events annually however general market event platforms make it difficult for people of color to find culturally relevant events. Eventnoire’s targeted newsletter and event discovery page ensures that you’re connecting directly with the consumers that are most likely to attend your event.

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