Frequently Asked Questions

Eventnoire is the premiere event platform for event planners, organizations, and marketers that celebrate and embrace culture.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and content to help provide an overview of the features available on our web platform that you will enjoy! Eventnoire offers a software solution to event planners for online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, and e-mail marketing catered to you.

Direct any questions directly via email to: info@eventnoire.com

Event Host/Organizer

How do I publish an event?

Navigate to Event Settings > Publish & Privacy Settings

Can I edit my event after publishing it?

You can still edit your event after publishing by going into your event settings using the same route you took when creating your event.

My Event URL link is too long

To create a custom URL, navigate to Edit Event > General Details. You will see “Event URL Tagnext to “Event Name”

Why can’t people register for my event?

Please ensure you have ticket types added for your event, and that they are active for your event. If it is a free event, you still must add a ticket type for registration. If you’ve added tickets under ticket types and still don’t see a call to action button for your event, please email info@eventnoire.com

How do I make a discount/promo code?

Create a discount/promo code under Marketing & Promotion > Promo & Discount Codes

Can I add questions for ticket sales? Can I make a question specific to a ticket type?

Create a questionnaire for your attendees under Edit Event > Questionnaires

  • When creating a questionnaire for a specific ticket type, turn on the toggle button labeled “Limit to Specific Ticket Types” then choose the ticket you’d like

How do I see how many attendees there are for my event?

See your attendees under Manage Attendees

How do I download an attendee list?

Download an attendee list under Dashboard & Reports > Downloadable Reports

Can I link my social media accounts to my event page?

Link your social media under Edit Event > Social Links

Why isn’t my event showing on the event discovery page?

Please ensure your event has a date under Edit Event > General Details > Date/Time. The discovery page populates events for an entire month. If your event is more than two months out, it will not yet populate on the discovery page.

If I have a series of events, do I have to make an event page for each one?

If you have an event that is occurring on different days/times, adding each day/time as different ticket types would be the easiest route. If you would like to create a separate event page for each date, you can simply duplicate the event under Event Settings then edit the date and time of each event.

What are ticket access codes for?

Ticket access codes are for ticket types that you only want to make available for a selection of attendees. When a ticket has an access code, only those with the code can access it. It will not show to the general public.

How can I access and accept people from my waitlist?

Enable your waitlist under Edit Tickets & Merch > Ticket Settings. Manage your waitlist under Manage Attendees > Manage Waitlist

Why don’t I get notifications when someone buys a ticket?

Enable notifications under Event Settings > Analytics & Tracking

Can I send a free ticket?

Send complimentary tickets under Marketing & Promotion > Send Complimentary Tickets

How do I process a refund?

Navigate to Manage Attendees > Orders/Tickets. Search and click on the attendees name you’d like to refund. You’ll see the option to refund the order at the bottom of the screen

How do I add WordPress or other web integrations?

To handle web integration navigate to Marketing & Promotion > Web Integration

Can I create the event on my site and link it to the event on Eventnoire’s platform for ticket sales?

A: To handle web integration navigate to Marketing & Promotion > Web Integration

Can I add a waiver for my event?

To add a waiver navigate to Edit Event > Questionnaires choose waiver in the dropdown menu, then copy and paste the terms of the waiver you would like to add

Can I add a graphic for people to download when they buy a ticket?

Navigate to Edit Tickets & Merch > Ticket Types, choose the ticket you would like to add the graphic, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Show Advanced Settings”, upload graphic under Ticket Graphic

Can I edit the confirmation email people receive after they buy a ticket?

Navigate to Edit Tickets & Merch > Ticket Types, choose the ticket for which you would like to edit the confirmation, scroll to the bottom of the page, edit confirmation under Ticket Type Order Confirmation Email Text

Can I collect donations for my event?

A: Enable donations under Edit Tickets & Merch > Donations. “Create a Charity” is so attendees know what they are donating to. This can be an organization name, general cause, etc.

Can multiple people log in to the check-in app at the same time?

Yes, anyone given check in permissions under User Access can log into the app to complete check in

Will people be able to see our event revenue when they login to the check-in app?

No, users with check in permissions cannot see your event revenue

Can I change the name and/or edit the information on an order?

Yes, navigate to Manage Attendees > Orders. Search the order by name or email, then click on the order and edit the information.

Why didn’t anyone see the text messages I sent out?

Attendees have to Opt-in to receive text message notifications

Why didn’t anyone see the text messages I sent out?

Attendees have to Opt-in to receive text message notifications

Q: Can I upload my email list?

At this time, you cannot upload your email list. However, you can download any collected emails from your events at any time

Can I track orders I made in person through the Eventoire platform?

You can manually enter in-person sales under Box Office & Check In > Create an Order. You can also complete sales through the Eventnoire Organizer app

I don’t need to collect a billing address. Can I edit the order forms?

Navigate to Event Settings > Order Form Fields to choose what information you would like to collect from attendees

Why don’t I see my event anymore?

Your event was likely saved as a draft because you did not have a Stripe account connected. Please check your email for information regarding this.

Can I change the wording for free tickets?

To create custom display settings navigate to Event Settings > More > Custom Display Settings

Check-in and Eventnoire Organizer App

How do I handle check-in for my event?

Each ticket attendees receive come with a QR codes. QR codes can be scanned for check in using the Eventnoire Organizer app. Check-in can also be completed through mobile browsers. Navigate to Box Office & Check In > Check In Attendees. Search and click on the attendees name, click to break the green ticket. Check In is completed

Is the check-in app compatible with card readers?

3rd party card reading devices are not compatible with the app, but you can use the app to scan cards directly.

How well does the check-in app work if service is offline?

If there is no wifi connection, your mobile network will suffice just like using any other application on your phone without wifi.

Offline mode on the app caches any scans so they’ll be in the queue until you go back online.