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2024 Creators and Influencers to Have at Your Event

Our culture influences everything, especially what to do and where to go on a daily basis. Event influencers are using platforms like TikTok, Youtube, and even LinkedIn to post about cookouts, brunches, and kickbacks — they’re hosting and recapping curated spaces at conferences, wellness retreats, and nightlife parties. That’s why hiring an event influencer for your event should be high on the list when marketing takes off.  

This article shares a list of the top influencers to consider when you are planning your 2024 event marketing strategies. Some are party-starters, others are historians, international jet-setters and trendsetters in their fields. 

If you see one perfect for your next event, make sure you follow them on social media then send that DM or email to get the conversation started.

Why You Should Hire Influencers to Attend Your Event

Creators are tapped into culture and community in ways that event organizers and party promoters may not always know. Here are three key reasons why an event organizer should consider engaging an influencer to host, attend, then recap their event:

  • Tuned into Event Tone: Creators understand how to capture the tone, essence, and vibe of an event and its target audience seamlessly.
  • Tapped in with Event Themes: Niche influencers will often bring a heightened awareness of current trends and cultural themes specific to their field, providing an authentic and resonant connection with the targeted audience.
  • Audience Engagement: Creators with a strong and dedicated following will extend marketing beyond the event’s duration, tapping new followers and supporters to your event page.

In this ever-changing landscape of event hosting and attendance, strategically hiring an influencer or creator brings numerous advantages to selling tickets and hopefully selling out. 

  1. Cece Bandit 

Cece the Bandit brings infectious energy to the dance floor, turning any event into a lively celebration. When she’s not choreographing for the hottest African artists, she’s hosting parties like Everyday People from the dance floor. 

As a creator that recaps events with her moves as the highlight — Cece weaves together event stories with her signature choreography, ensuring memories are as captivating as the moves themselves.

  1. Kiwi Durham

Kiwi Durham, also known as Kiwi the Beauty, is the epitome of creators that cover all bases. Her content is family-friendly, making her an ideal influencer to attend your event and create a recap that will cater to a variety of audiences. 

Kiwi’s warm and engaging personality ensures that everyone feels welcome and entertained. She skillfully captures heartwarming, sisterly moments, delicious takes on food, and entertaining cinematic experiences with celebrities we all love! She’s sure to meet your event needs with memorable snapshots of the occasion.

  1. AK Adventures

AK Adventures are a traveling couple with love all over their timeline. No matter where they are in the world, they will bring a jet-setting flair to your events. 

When Aaron and Kyra attend your program, they’ll infuse the gathering with stories of their globe-trotting adventures, creating an inviting atmosphere for all to feel how travel has made their love for the world and each other stronger. 

They are perfect for a travel conference, creators event, or virtual panel discussion. Attendees can anticipate the thrill of vicarious exploration, and as when they recap your event, AK Adventures truly immortalize the event’s journey with photos and video you can’t resist.

  1. King Williams 

King Williams is a millennial historian and Atlanta influencer. He knows all the locales to visit, what events in the community one should attend and is the perfect host for events seeking a blend of historical insight and humor. 

King conducts enjoyable Atlanta city tours from time to time. These tours, and his content, are enriched with fascinating stories, while King’s witty and humorous quips add a delightful touch to any occasion. As a creator that can recap the hell out of an event or program, King brings a documented, unique perspective to ensure that the event’s narrative is both entertaining and historically grounded in facts.

  1. Kahlil Greene

Khalil Greene is quite the fashionista but more importantly, he is a Gen Z historian influencer that maintains high-energy on important community panels and still brings the vibes to red carpets. His smile is a giveaway at how much fun he is having and wants event attendees to have, even if they’re chatting up something serious, to any event. 

Organizers are sure to expect a lively and engaging experience if they work with Khalil as he infuses event recaps with his signature style and how the experience can resonate with followers of the next generation.

  1. Melissa Chanel

Melissa Chanel is the ultimate sneakerhead and fashion girlie. She brings her extravagant shoe style to any event atmosphere and effortlessly blends her love for kicks, hair, and fashion into her appearance. She lives for a fashion moment that has a footwear foundation.

Melissa’s keen eye for style and content creation makes her a great addition for fashion-driven events or programming as well as natural hair events where her Kicks & Fros brand comes into play. 

  1. Brandon Smithwrick

Brandon Smithwrick is not just a Kickstarter executive and tech influencer, he is the perfect host for events focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. His dynamic presence energizes gatherings, providing valuable insights and motivation for attendees. 

As a creator first, he can host or attend your startup or business event to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit in his content and inspire others through the stories of startups and the visionaries behind them.

  1. LaShawn Wiltz

Lashawn Wiltz runs a book club and is a true literary enthusiast. Being well-read can enhance your event too. If LaShawn were to host your book event or reading program, her passion for literature and engaging discussions around stories would reek of thought-provoking conversations with attendees. 

When she recaps your event, she’s definitely capturing the essence of author signings and book launches, turning each experience into a celebration of literary culture and community.

  1. Bo the Goat

Bo Corley is an online favorite in the foodie field. A master of dad jokes and culinary expertise,    if he hosts or attends your events, he brings a delightful blend of humor and expertise about food you’ll definitely want to savor mentally and physically. 

Bo’s dad jokes reels are infectious and when he is recapping events, Bo combines his kitchen skills with comedy, turning event experiences into a feast for both the eyes and the mouth. Get it?!

  1. Queen Anaeki

Queen Anaeki is a boss babe, corporate marketer, and glamorous socialite ideal for upscale events, conferences, and festivals.

Queen’s events recaps are filled with the essence of high-end and a bit of luxe. She’s capturing the look, feel, and the vibes of gatherings she attends internationally — from London to LA to West Africa. Event organizers can expect a thorough recap that is a visual celebration of luxury, African culture, and champagne or shot–soaked festivities.

11. Black Menswear

Black Menswear is a cultural impact agency connecting brands to a global market of Black men. Through strategic content, influencer and experiential, we deliver purpose-driven campaigns.

Founded in 2017, Black Menswear has championed the positive stories and actions of the Black community to change the narrative through connectivity to foster economic growth of Black creators. Their team, a collective of experts across marketing, press, talent, experience and creative work together to invoke positive conversation.

Meet Influencers at Events on Eventnoire

Hiring an influencer to host, attend, and recap your event could be transformative for your event marketing before, during, and after. As an event organizer, you must go beyond the common marketing and think about how these popular influencers can bring a unique perspective, authenticity, and deep connection to your event or program.
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