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We get it: Social distancing is a new norm that many of us were not prepared for. COVID-19 has states ordering their residents to stay at home and cancelling all boozy brunches and Saturday night bottle service for the foreseeable future. In an era where these social gatherings have become the weekend standard, artists are using social media as a tool to help their fans connect and adjust to this new normal.

Enter DJ D-Nice and his virtual dance party series “Homeschool at Club Quarantine”. This legendary celebrity DJ got his early acclaim as an original member of hip-hop group BDP, and later going on to spin huge events like Essence Fest and setting the vibes for the Obamas at various White House parties. This past week, D-Nice virtually gathered all of our Instagram cousins to the living room of his Los Angeles condo as he delivered 9-10 hour sets of “positive vibrations” to thousands of viewers at home.

On day three of his Homeschool series, D-Nice took to his Instagram and acknowledged the series as “a place for us to virtually dance together and stay connected”, and showed gratitude to many of the notable artists that had tuned in. Saturday night proved to be the biggest night of Club Quarantine thus far, where he spun for 10 hours on Instagram live to more than 100,000 viewers including celebrity viewers like Janet Jackson, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and even Facebook Founder & Instagram’s owner Mark Zuckerberg.

D-nice shared on an Instagram caption that he “never would’ve imagined that the best party he would create and DJ would be from the comfort of his own home”, and that the support of Homeschool “exceeded his expectations”. Some twitter users even went as far as calling D-Nice the “pandemic DJ hero”. While social media streaming has been popular in recent years this COVID-19 pandemic is igniting live DJ streams throughout social media, virtual chat room parties, and much more. If you are looking to kick a case of social distancing blues, you may want to grab your favorite libation and check your favorite DJ’s IG or Facebook Live. The future of live events is here and it will be interesting to see how it evolves over the next few months.

Written by Arissa Moore