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Single? 6 Events to Find Love by Valentine’s Day 2024

In a world where everyone is busy but seeking genuine relationships and commitment, the journey to finding love is a unique experience, especially for African-American singles. Our exploration for a lifelong partner or companion is typically deeply rooted in culture and community. 

As we approach Valentine’s Day 2024, the quest for love takes center stage, and what better way to navigate this adventure than by immersing yourself in events tailored to us, by us? 

While electrifying music festivals and large gatherings can seem attractive, the smaller and more intimate, the better. This guide unveils six standout events that seem just casual and fun on its front, but have great potential for real spark that could ignite the flame of romance. 

If you’re single, love awaits in the heartbeat of these uniquely tailored occasions. Get ready with Eventnoire to embrace an event journey that intertwines love and culture.

Where can Black singles find love?

For Black singles seeking love — there are promising avenues to connect with like-minded individuals. Again, music and dance festivals provide an exhilarating space to bond over shared enthusiasm for music and movement but they are not always the best outlet for finding a serious love connection. Events with an audience of people curious for intellectual engagement, self-love, and open discussions on relationships lay the groundwork for potential connections. Poetry events and live music nights offer an intimate setting for Black singles to meet one another then explore different emotions and shared art expressions. 

For those who prefer a more direct approach, speed dating mixers tailored to Black singles provide structured yet casual environments for face-to-face interactions, fostering opportunities for genuine connections to blossom. In these rich love spaces, Black singles can navigate the journey of finding love with a backdrop that celebrates their heritage and shared local experiences. 

  1. Black Bar Week | Sunday, February 18, 2024 | DMV

This flavorful journey of cocktails and mocktails throughout the DMV area coincides in the month of love. Celebrate the vibrancy of Black-owned restaurants and bars that dot the DMV landscape while on the hunt for a Black beauty that matches your fly. From trendy speakeasies to lively nightclubs and artisanal cocktail bars, this Black bar crawl weekend event boasts culinary and mixology experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Sip, savor, and immerse yourself amongst DMV’s thriving Black-owned bar scene, then toast to the opportunity of finding love at every stop along the way. Make sure you dress warm!

  1. The Dating Social Experience | Friday, February 9, 2023 | New Jersey

This one-of-a-kind event is for Black singles in their 30’s and above looking for meaningful connections. A curated singles affair that goes beyond the ordinary scene of finding a new love, the evening is filled with interactions that echoes sweet beginning and love tales. 

Picture this: intimate tables adorned with unique conversation starters, delectable bites from Sweet T’s Southern Eatery, and an ambiance alive with a custom drink menu and the beats of a live DJ. Feel the love in the air as you explore exclusive artwork from Sxint Anj Studio, capturing your special moments through the lens of a professional photographer. For those seeking a touch of mystique, a tarot reader stands ready to unravel the secrets of your connection journey.

This isn’t just an event; it’s a love story waiting to unfold. Whether you’re yearning for a romantic spark or a companionship that stands the test of time, The Dating Social Experience promises to script a chapter of love in your heart, if you want it.

  1. ABE Tour | December 2023 | Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana 

Over the past decade, All Black Everything (ABE), has been an international party in West Africa that draws Black singles from the diaspora and across the continent to Ghana and Nigeria. The experience transcends the ordinary, defining itself as a lifestyle brand that is more than just a party—bringing the most beautiful Black people together in one room, in all Black. 

How can your love radar miss when you are in the company of the most beautiful people in the world? 

 As the bold and expressive celebration of Black Life and Excellence. ABE presents a unique opportunity for attendees to not only revel in an extraordinary experience but also to forge love connections they wouldn’t expect. With a blend of tastemakers, celebrities, low-key millionaires, and high-profile influencers, ABE creates an atmosphere conducive to forming genuine relationships and perhaps this year you can find love amidst the celebration.

  1. Kiss n’ Grind | Monthly | Los Angeles, CA 

Indulge in the rhythmic magic of Vikter Duplaix’s iconic Kiss-n-Grind parties, a sensation that initially ignited in the heart of Los Angeles but has since been taken worldwide. With his magnetic pull, Kiss-n-Grind has been featured on HBO’s Insecure and remains renowned for its electrifying beats and star-studded guest DJs like Questlove, Talib Kweli, and DJ Rashida, Kiss-n-Grind has become a cultural phenomenon. 

Now, as it returns to its roots in Los Angeles, attendees can expect not only an unmatched dance experience but also the potential for love to blossom amidst the pulsating music. So, lace up your shoes and outfit to pop out at an event where the groove begins on the dance floor and could end with sparks of both music and love. 

  1. Rum Punch Brunch | Weekly | Atlanta, GA

Now a Sunday adventure in Atlanta can mean many things, but at this historic weekly and cherished tradition, you’ll feast for the senses and an opportunity for love and joy from a potential partner. 

Can you imagine mouth-watering delights from food trucks, a soundtrack crafted by the city’s most popular DJs, and moves powered by the star of the show—an irresistible Rum Punch. 

Beyond the exotic eats and delightful drink offerings, Rum Punch Brunch becomes a lively haven where romantic relationships blossom amidst dancing, singing, and laughter. This is an ambiance that invites not only great food and music but also the potential for finding love in a dance partner and forging unforgettable memories. 

  1. New Years Eve | Sun, December 31, 2023 | Worldwide

Bringing in the new year as a single person can seem daunting but on the positive side,  an NYE event with friends and family could open the door to a world of possibilities for new connections. As the clock counts down at a vibrant party, a classy gala, or an intimate gathering, You’re already starting the year off allowing for spontaneous encounters and the chance to meet like-minded Black singles.. 

Approach the night with an open heart and a mindset that manifests real love this New Year’s Eve so your 2024 becomes a canvas for crafting a story of self-discovery, new friendships, and perhaps the start of a romantic journey. The key is to revel in the present, appreciate the company of those around you, and welcome the unknown possibilities that the new year holds. It can happen, stay open friends. 

Tip: Watch Night at church is an amazing way to meet new lovers that align with your faith and values. If he or she is single and at church on New Years Eve, you’ve definitely met your match.

Find the Best Events for Black Singles on Eventnoire

Love is a beautiful thing, but only when you’re ready. These are just a handful of events happening that can take your singledom into coupledom; however, Black single can find plenty more on Eventnoire.

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