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Top Money-Making Side Gigs in the Event Industry

There’s hustle culture, then there’s the work smarter, not harder gang — those who have found some ways to make their side gigs a benefit and not a burden. 

Working part-time in the event industry is a great way to put some extra money in your pocket while making some great relationships towards a new career or financial goal. You may start off volunteering but you can take your gig dreams to the next level when you understand the roles available to you. And when seeking to work part-time in the event industry, there are some flexible working hours you could weave into your current 9 to 5 schedule or stick to more late night work adventures because of evening events. 

However, before you take off searching on Indeed to find the event side gig of your dreams, get familiar with this list of event industry roles that make real moolah.

:cues Gangsta Boo “Where Dem Dollas At”:

  1. Event Planner

If you’re the organized type, event planning is a side gig in the event industry you should run towards. It’s not just about organizing but about turning moments into memories while earning some extra cash. This side hustle could be administrative or could be onsite, depending on the need of the client. 

It’s truly an event side job that lets you showcase your organizational chops and set your creative spirit free. As you strengthen your skills in this industry, don’t forget the golden rule: communication is key. 

In this role, even though it’s part-time, stay connected with clients and vendors to make sure everyone’s on the same page. You’ll be juggling a range of event budgets, but you must be able to use your imagination, negotiate with vendors, and balance the glitz without breaking the bank. This is a good side gig to turn your knack for researching, organizing, and relationship-building into a paycheck.

  1. Event Assistant (administrative, virtual, running errands)

If you’re down to run around, literally, being a part-time event assistant can be an electrifying side gig that promises not just a paycheck, but an exhilarating journey into understanding how events really work. Working behind the scenes is where a lot of the action is and as the event assistant, you’ll find yourself at the epicenter of it all. 

This is an ideal side hustle with a bit of flexibility — perfect role for a college student that wants to get paid instead of doing a free internship because events happen in every industry! One crucial consideration in this role is mastering the art of multitasking, whether it’s coordinating logistics, managing guest lists, or troubleshooting unexpected hiccups for the client or your boss. Picture yourself being a part of the magic at events because of your assistance all while gaining valuable experience and building a network in your field or hobby.  

  1. Event Photographer

There’s making memorable moments then there is capturing them! Doing event photography as a side gig is ideal without compromising your daily work schedule or corporate job. Your passion for capturing moments can translate into a lucrative and creatively fulfilling side hustle as an event photographer. This gig isn’t just about snapping photos; you’re telling stories with each flash. 

One crucial aspect to keep in mind is investing in a reliable camera that will last long, having strong relationships with event planners so you’re top of mind to get booked, and staying updated with photography trends to deliver high-quality, visually stunning images. 

Event photography immortalizes the joy of weddings, the energy of music festivals, or the elegance of corporate soirées. So when it clicks that you are ready to turn your love for photography into your next side gig, take advantage of building a portfolio that speaks volumes about your unique style and makes money. 

  1. Event Travel Coordinator

If you love to travel or are the friend that gets the group together for an international adventure, this part-time event gig is calling your name. Event Travel Coordinators can work from anywhere organizing travel plans for a destination wedding, festival, bachelorette party, or birthday. It’s a side hustle that promises to seamlessly fit into your schedule but also invites you to merge your organizational finesse with the excitement of travel. 

You’ll be orchestrating unforgettable experiences for individuals and groups headed to an array of events whether it’s a corporate retreat or tech conference in a bustling city. This role offers the chance to immerse yourself in the dynamic landscape of event logistics, navigating travel plans, accommodations, and itineraries. Some critical things to keep in mind as you turn your love for travel and meticulous planning into a part-time role include mastering the art of efficient communication and understanding the event logistics needed to ensure a smooth coordination of group travel. Remember, great event travel plans allow for an added layer of excitement when the day arrives. 

  1. Event Brand Ambassador

Creative hustlers, especially extroverted ones, will love this event side gig! This part-time job is where your creative flair meets strategic branding. There’s actually two ways to go about working this event gig: a) you are the model or associate at the event representing the brand to the public (i.e. attendees) or b) you are coordinating partnerships on behalf of a brand looking to do an immersive event.  

When navigating this part-time role, consider the power of collaboration and communication needed to really make the money moves you want. Expect to forge strong partnerships with potential vendors and sponsors as well as event guests, to amplify the brand message seamlessly. Brands think big, so imagine you’ll be curating or working at immersive event brand experiences at events like trendy product launches or vibrant pop-up activations. Make an indelible brand impression by having meticulous attention to detail and exciting guests about the brand you’re showcasing. 

  1. Event Host/MC

Life of the party? Come to the stage! There are a ton of reasons someone will remember an event and the MC could be one of them. If you’re outgoing, friendly, and unique, events want your personality to keep the energy up in the room. However, some events might call for a more inspiring or motivating attitude because of the wellness aspect to it. So being a diverse event MC is definitely something to consider if you want to be well-rounded and get more gigs. 

When undertaking this role, it is imperative to strike a balance between spontaneity and meticulous event script preparation, ensuring a seamless and entertaining flow. You’re almost like a charismatic conductor of a symphony, orchestrating a delightful experience for attendees while maintaining a professional and polished demeanor. Your voice draws them into the event and truly helps make it a memorable occasion, so don’t let them forget it. 

  1. Event DJ

Location, check! Food, check! Parking, check! Now the music is up next. The event DJ is crucial to setting the tone for what guests can expect upon arrival and throughout the event. Deejaying at events as a part-time venture offers great side income and fulfilling gigs that directly affects people’s moods. 

You can showcase your professional playlist skills at a number of events ranging from lively weddings to sophisticated corporate functions. Before accepting a gig, it’s important to know how diverse is your musical knowledge outside of your go-tos on Spotify. The DJ must strike a hard balance between catering to the client and their guest or attendees while maintaining the flow of the event. Being an event DJ part-time is really your ticket to infusing events with the perfect rhythm, making friends with the dance floor, and elevating the overall event ambiance with your musical finesse.

  1. Event Performer

This is where your hobbies and the activities you’re passionate about come in handy for an event side gig. Event Performers like magicians, dance troupes, or live musicians are part-time hustles you can do at almost any event. 

The flexibility of this part-time opportunity enables you to hone your skills across a variety of events like fancy soirées or hotel happy hours to lively community festivals and sporting events. As a performer, you cannot do every event because the client may want different skill sets; however, the more entertaining the skills you have, the more you can adapt your performance to suit the diverse preferences of audiences. If you want to leave a real lasting impression, your speciality skill is a novelty that can elevate an event and they will pay lots of money for. Think fire-breather, aerial performer, fortune teller, or otherwise as the highlight of a corporate gala or the entertainment centerpiece at a charity fundraiser. 

  1. Event Marketer (website/graphic design, street team, social media, etc.)

Marketing is a very easy and exciting side gig to dive into for part-time income. A good Event Marketer can offer clients and brands a spectrum of innovative marketing strategies for their events. The flexibility of this part-time position enables you to tailor your marketing approach, such as crafting engaging social media campaigns, implementing targeted email marketing, or even orchestrating influencer partnerships to amplify event visibility. You can do all this remotely, but there is more value to being available for on-site assistance or more traditional marketing approaches like passing out flyers and talking to potential attendees. Success in this dynamic arena lies in curating a customized marketing mix that not only reflects the unique flavor of each event but also resonates with the intended audience. If you’re the catalyst behind a sold-out concert or a buzzworthy product unveiling, you’re going to stay hired as a side hustler in events. 

  1. Day of Event Staff 

On event day, things are crazy! That’s where temporary event staff come in to make sure things go smoothly and even catch things the planner or client didn’t always think about. 

Think of event childcare, where young women or an agency come in to help manage children at weddings and other adult events. Also, there is the setup and clean up crew or the wait staff that accompanies the caterer. Plus, there is security that monitors the safety of guests and any expensive event materials. Being versatile enough to handle any of these part-time event positions on the day of, allows individuals to contribute their diverse knowledge to various event types. From ensuring impeccable food presentation and maintaining a safe and secure event entrance, to orchestrating efficient cleanup operations, you’re making sure behind-the-scenes stay away from the guest’s view and they have an event experience that positively reflects the host. 

Where can I find events to work at?

The key to finding events you can work at part-time are networking, relationships, and research. When you’re just getting started in the events industry, even as a side gig, you need to know who to talk to and where to go so you’re always finding a new opportunity that can put extra money in your pocket.

Event side gigs can be found almost anywhere if you’re open to different ways of applying to getting in the door. Here are some general tips to help you find events to work part-time at:

1. Event Ticketing Websites:  Online platforms like Eventnoire, Eventbrite, Meetup, and often post upcoming events seeking event staff. You can email them for more information if there is a part-time option available. If it is an event you really want to experience, volunteer or do the work for free.  

2. Local Community Boards: Don’t overlook local newspapers, bulletin boards at community centers, or even word-of-mouth recommendations. Your city’s cultural calendar, seasonal festivals, and industry-specific conferences are excellent places to find diverse opportunities.

3. Social Media: Joining event-centric groups on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram that can provide leads and connections. Also, follow event managers in your city and DM them for a shot to work part-time. 

4. Volunteer: Being service-oriented brings value to any event planner or organizer. By casting a wide net in your city as a volunteer and staying connected, you’ll discover a plethora of events where your skills are in demand.

5. Colleges and Universities: Attending or volunteering at your alma mater’s local events could spin up opportunities for you to make money with them part-time while making connections. Reach out to your college or alumni association for more information and referrals. 

6. Gig Websites: Sites like Craigslist, Fiverr, and Upwork are all freelance-oriented websites that encourage part-time side jobs in the event industry.

Discover Events to Work at on Eventnoire

Now that you have a list of ways you can make extra money in the event industry and where you can find the events to make that part-time income happen, Eventnoire is here to help with your money moves. 

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