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11 Places to Find HBCU Scholarships 

Many rising high school seniors and college students sleep on opportunities to get free money in pursuit of higher education. However, finding the monies needed to achieve your career goals and academic dreams is crucial to a stress-free collegiate experience — at least financially. If you’re a current HBCU student or a high school student trying to get a leg up on the competition at one of these prestigious institutions, scholarships can help make the journey way more accessible. 

We’ve got a quick list of the dedicated websites, local associations, community groups, and national brands that can help aspiring HBCU students like you, or your child, uncover financial aid you may deserve.


  1. HBCU Lifestyle 

This is a colorful, comprehensive platform for HBCU students pursuing higher education, alumni, and supporters of HBCUs to discover financial aid opportunities. Not only do they feature scholarships targeting HBCU students, they have blogs and videos showcasing HBCU culture at its finest.

  1. Scholly  

Scholly is a premier mobile app that connects students to a vast yet streamlined database of scholarships, especially funding for HBCUs. Prospective and current students should download the app, input their student information, and Scholly will match them with financial aid opportunities they’re eligible for.

Fun fact: This company was founded by Christopher Gray then acquired by Sallie Mae. They were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and received a deal from Daymond John and Lori Greiner.

  1. HBCU Connect 

If you’re looking for a valuable and accessible hub of HBCU-related funding opportunities. Their scholarship listings are very detailed and the rest of the website is noted for being a supportive community for networking and mentorship at Black colleges.

  1. Black Scholarships is a dedicated website curating scholarships for Black students, no matter what type of college or university they are interested in attending. Even better, the platform categorizes scholarships with a filter option, simplifying the search for financial aid.

  1. Credit Unions and Community Banks 

Local credit unions and community banks, like Delta Community Credit Union, almost always offer scholarships opportunities to support HBCU-bound scholars in the area. If your parents are members of a credit union, ask them to inquire about scholarships next time they visit the branch.

Tip: Major banks offer HBCU scholarships too! Check these financial institutions’ official websites to secure more information about their financial aid scholarship programs.

  1. Clothing Companies and Retailers 

Your favorite retailers and fashion brands, especially urban clothing companies, offer annual scholarship opportunities that support their customers pursuing higher education. Plus, if your student is majoring in fashion, design, or consumer retail, there may be more speciality funding or internships available to them.

  1. National Sports Associations and Leagues 

Every student-athlete isn’t popular enough for funding from a NIL partnership(hyperlink). Also, they don’t always get full scholarships to attend schools and participate in their sport. However, the national sports leagues we love and rep in our cities, like the NBA, NFL, and other sports associations offer financial aid for student-athletes competing at HBCUs. These additional fiscal opportunities can help talented college athletes offset their higher ed costs.

Tip: Local sports leagues often have scholarships for college bound HBCU students as well. Ask throughout your neighborhood and community bulletins to learn more.

  1. Alumni Associations and Groups

HBCU alumni typically have scholarships available every year to support current students. Some alumni of other notable Black organizations and businesses, not necessarily HBCUs, have college money for students to apply for while discovering mentorship from Black professionals in their prospective industry.

  1. HBCU College Fairs 

A college fair is the perfect place to seek scholarship opportunities as they learn more about college admission. Visit this website to find upcoming college fairs in your area and be intentional at these events about financial aid opportunities.

Tip: Some PWIs and PBIs are partnered with the HBCU in their city. Ask recruiters and advisors about this opportunity to get the HBCU experience without paying double the price.

  1. Church 

When people are active in their local church or religious organization, they don’t always realize there are opportunities to find aid. Your church may offer scholarships to their members, including those attending HBCUs. Respectfully inquire with your place of worship to explore any chance to get money for college.

Tip: If you’re working at your church or any local business, they may give you tuition assistance. Remember, closed mouths don’t get fed.

  1. PR Newswire 

This is a very unique way to find HBCU student scholarship opportunities. The PR Newswire is an official website that publishes press releases about everything; however, if you visit their website periodically and search ‘scholarship’ in the search bar, you could find thousands of dollars in financial aid or special college funding that may not be widely publicized elsewhere.

How long does it take to apply to HBCU scholarships?

The time it takes to apply for HBCU college scholarship applications can vary widely depending on several factors, including the number of scholarships you’re applying for, the specific requirements of each scholarship, and your level of preparedness. On average, applying for a scholarship may take anywhere from 15 mins to 5 hours per application.

To expedite the process and improve your chances of getting this type of financial aid, consider these 3 tips:

  1. Prepare in Advance and Stay Organized: Gather essential documents like transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a well-crafted personal statement before starting the application process. Then, keep a calendar with application deadlines to ensure you submit applications on time.
  2. Apply to Multiple Scholarships: Applying to several scholarships can increase your chances of receiving financial aid, but it also means a greater time commitment.
  3. Customize Your Application: Tailor your applications to match the specific scholarship requirements to make a compelling case for why you should receive the scholarship award.

What can I use HBCU scholarship money for?

Scholarship money is typically awarded to cover the costs associated with your education and any related school expenses. While the specific ways you can use scholarship funds may vary depending on the scholarship’s terms and conditions, here are common expenses that scholarship money can be used for:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Room and Board: 
  • Books and Supplies: 
  • Transportation
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Research and Internship Opportunities
  • Debt Reduction
  • Emergencies

It’s crucial that students carefully review the terms and conditions of each scholarship you receive, as some scholarships have specific guidelines on how the funds can be used. If you have any questions about the usage of scholarship funds, it’s advisable to contact the scholarship provider or the financial aid office at your educational institution for clarification.

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Being college-bound and applying for scholarships day in and day out is a crash course in getting the job done. You can raise thousands of dollars to support your higher ed dreams and anything else that is reasonable and keeps you going as a student. When seeking scholarships from specific companies, it’s essential to check the official websites of these organizations and monitor their scholarship programs, as eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and available awards can vary from year to year. 
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