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We tried eight alternatives to Eventbrite, so you don’t have to. From Splash and Ticketleap to Hopin and more, these are the best alternatives to Eventbrite for your next event.

Planning an event requires much organization and creativity to execute it well. Suppose you’re a novice in event planning. In that case, a beginner in the event industry, or even a seasoned event professional — using the right tools for selling tickets can grow an audience and create an experience your attendees will rave about online and in their social media stories.

Why People Use Eventbrite

  • Events marketplace: Website visitors can discover things to do in their area on Eventbrite. This increases brand recognition and reminds website visitors to create their next event on Eventbrite. 
  • Mobile app: Being able to find events or create one using Eventbrite’s mobile apps makes their platform more attractive to users. 
  • Pricing calculator: Event creators can calculate their earnings before finalizing ticket prices. This is an impressive addition to their event management platform because it can help plan event expenses.

However, even the best platforms in the business have competition worth checking out! Here’s an overview of Eventbrite alternatives and competitors, including 3 Black-owned event management platforms you can try when creating your next event. In this article, you learn more about what differentiates them from Eventbrite, their unique features, and pricing options that can help you save when selling out!

1. Eventnoire

Best for inclusive events, festivals, and conferences that embrace Black attendees or target a Black audience.

Eventnoire is a premiere event management platform that offers customized event ticketing and marketing solutions. Their technology enables a number of features to improve the event organizer experience, including free web page templates you can customize for your event.

Eventnoire’s Features:

  • Event Commissions: Eventnoire rewards loyal event hosts by paying them a commission from their ticket fees for using its platform.
  • Faster payouts with Stripe: Event curators can easily opt-in to Stripe for their event payouts when publishing their events.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Are you hosting a large event? Place your events of 500 attendees and more in front of brands for consideration of sponsorship with Eventnoire premium. Visit Eventnoire’s sponsorship request page at
  • Qualified audience: Eventnoire’s platform has a built-in audience of Black attendees. Eventnoire’s targeted newsletter and event discovery page ensure that you’re connecting directly with the consumers that are most likely to attend your event. Brands and corporations can seamlessly build events on the platform that targets the culture respectfully.

2. Splash

Best for enterprise events, conferences, and summits that want to scale over time.

Splash (also known as SplashThat) is an events management platform, mainly for enterprises of any size interested in marketing and measuring their events. Their event management software is designed to deliver notable event experiences while providing quick data on attendees for organizers to gather clear feedback for scaling.

Splash’s Features: 

  • Event page design: Stay on-brand with custom event pages and get the flexibility to scale the design as your event grows year over year. 
  • Smart marketing: Emails are vast drivers of event sales and traffic. With an engaging event page, Splash’s smart email templates make reaching attendees easy. 
  • Tech integrations: Go beyond the spreadsheet—sync data automatically with your existing tech stack.

3. Tix.Africa

Best for small to medium scale live events in West Africa and South Africa, as well as, globally-driven virtual events.

Tix Africa powers global events curated on the continent. From powerful ticketing tools and a Zoom integration for virtual events. Tix Africa focuses mainly on the event creator and attendee experience from their mobile device. Their free plan allows event creators to get started immediately with a small ticket transaction fee.  

Tix Africa’s Features: 

  • Same-day Ticketing: Sell tickets on the day of your event if you’re in a high-traffic area or have guests bringing a plus one.  
  • Everything mobile: Their software was built mobile-first for attendees to buy tickets and for event creators to create and sell event tickets from their phones.  
  • Box Office: With an upgraded plan, organizers can increase revenue with an online space for their community to purchase tickets to ongoing events and branded merchandise. 

4. VIP Socio

Best for culturally-driven events in the United States associated with retailers and Black-owned e-commerce.   

VIP Socio is a user-friendly event management platform and marketplace with an e-commerce touch. As a retailer, you can build community, sell products on the platform, and create events to support any pop-up shops or selling events. Also, event creators in the Afro-culture market find this platform to be the best one when attempting to grasp an African audience. Event organizers and sellers can sign up to start creating meaningful experiences today at a low price.

VIP Socio’s Features: 

  • Find an Influencer: View influencer profiles to choose brand ambassadors for events promoting your event for an exchange, or you can negotiate a price. 
  • Event Promoter Help: Partner with a professional to market your event to a bigger audience using their event promoter marketplace. 
  • Sell Products: Small and medium business owners can set up shop on VIPSocio and create events to align with product launches or special sales. 

5. Universe Ticketing

Best for large community fairs, festivals, and brand activations and attractions. 

The biggest and best events need technology that suits their big dreams. That’s where Universe comes in. Backed by event industry titans like Ticketmaster and Live Nation, Universe is stepping up to manage five- and six-figure event sizes that require more custom options. While they have a free plan attached to a higher transaction fee, this platform is likely best if you’re running a significant event that needs some tailoring. 

Universe Features: 

  • Embeddable Widgets: Organizers have complete control of the registration website and overall online event experience from end-to–end. 
  • Nonprofit Discount: Not-for-profit organizations are trying to raise money by selling tickets, not losing them. Request a special discount if you identify as a nonprofit having an event.  
  • Payment Options: Accepts e-wallets and bank transfers. The checkout page also offers attendees a variety of payment solutions to make buying more accessible.

6. Eventzilla

Best for local and community events, particularly virtual and hybrid experiences.

Many event management platforms offer tools all-in-one place; however, Eventzilla continues to master it for local and community events seeking particular audiences. In-town markets, festivals, or charity programs with smaller, more nuanced attendance will love this website for their next event. Users can also explore events in their area to support the community. The flat $1.50 per ticket registration is a great price to help boost revenue for event creators. 

Eventzilla’s Features: 

  • Sponsor admin: Engage with sponsors, exhibitors, and event partners inside Eventzilla and help them engage their business and brand with event guests.  
  • Event surveys: Throughout your event curation, collect feedback on improving the experience for future success.
  • Event Networking: Effectively allows attendees to communicate privately with each other during events.

7. Ticketleap

Best for businesses promoting any size event, activity, or program that is free or has a low ticket price. 

Ticketleap is a strong alternative to Eventbrite because they don’t have to focus on user event discovery. With more time and opportunity to perfect their event management features, Ticketleap can brag that organizers have full platform access to create any size event, with branded pages and low ticket fees. Learn more about their pricing below. 

Ticketleap’s Features: 

  • Pricing calculator: Ticketleap has a similar calculator to Eventbrite for organizers to better determine the ticket price and how much they can expect to make. 
  • .25 ticket fee: Events with tickets that are $5 are less will only incur a .25 ticket fee, no matter where in the world. That is a really good deal. 
  • Low international fees: Attendees can buy their tickets in many different currencies and will only incur the required fees to finalize the purchase. 

8. Hopin

Best for large-scale virtual events that include streaming, live chats, and interactive elements.

It’s hard enough to keep attendees engaged in a virtual or hybrid experience. With Hopin, distance becomes irrelevant and drives connection, giving organizers a lot of data to optimize. Whether a 100-person company town hall or a 100,000-person summit on professional growth, their platform quickly brings live event tools into the virtual world. They have a free plan for 100 registrants or less. Call them to request a demo and get a quote if you’re thinking bigger. 

Hopin’s Features: 

  • Hands-on sessions: Attendees can become immersed in the event with Hopin’s strong streaming and interactive capabilities. 
  • Expo booths: A virtual exhibit hall full of tables and booths are easier to manage, environmentally friendly, and more affordable for sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Scheduling: Conference agendas can get packed and confusing. Their event platform helps attendees know where they are going online and how to get there, including an option to have 1-on-1 meetings with other attendees or speakers. 

Eventnoire as an Eventbrite alternative

After reading this overview, are you ready to try a new event management platform? If you’re looking to create an event with one of the Eventbrite alternatives right now, you’re already in the right place!

Create an account with Eventnoire and start setting up your next event today. We have the event solutions to efficiently reach the culture, sell tickets, and activate an experience unlike any other.


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