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One of the most sought-after, Black-owned hair care brands has been acquired by Procter & Gamble Beauty (P&G).

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Mielle Organics recently announced their merger with P&G Beauty to “expand access to healthy hair products and services for Black women around the world.” Founded in 2014 by husband-wife duo Monique and Melvin Rodriguez, Mielle Organics has become the go-to product line for natural hair care lovers. As they join forces with P&G, Mielle will continue to be led by the couple as CEO and COO of the brand.

“Today is a remarkable moment for our brand and for the climb of Black entrepreneurs everywhere as we collectively continue to break barriers and accelerate the opportunities for growth,” said Monique Rodriguez, co-founder, and CEO. “I am thrilled that we will make an even greater impact in how we give back to the community.”

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Although this is a major business move for the co-owners, many Mielle Organics consumers are upset about the shift. Following the announcement, Black women who’ve supported the brand took their concerns to Twitter. Many of them expressed their disdain for P&G beauty and sparked discussions about whether or not the formulas will change to satisfy consumers of all hair types. Other Twitter users commended the brand for selling the company and continuing to build generational wealth.

Monique Rodriguez addressed customers’ concerns on Instagram by assuring them that the formula would stay the same under the new direction of P&G Beauty.

The co-owners are excited to take their hair care brand to the next level with P&G Beauty and are hopeful that this will be a step towards bigger and better things. “P&G Beauty is a best-in-class organization, and we are excited that this partnership will bring additional resources that Mielle can continue to serve our incredible customers with rapid innovation and greater reach. Melvin and I will continue to lead Mielle with the focus on excellence, customer commitment, and integrity that have been the core of our brand since day one nearly nine years ago,” said Monique. Mielle Organics shoppers are interested to see what P&G Beauty has in store.


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