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The official 2023 HBCU homecoming schedule Black students and alumnae need to plan their itinerary for celebratory campus events and celebrations.

2023 HBCU Homecomings You Shouldn’t Miss! 

After back to school season and parent’s weekend, homecoming is up next! Every year, the Black College community gathers to celebrate their respective institutions or local HBCUs through a week of events leading up to a big homecoming football game — which we hope they win! 

Homecoming is a staple in the HBCU community and we’ve got all the dates below. There were so many special moments last year and 2023 is sure to bring even more memories. In this article, we list the significance of HBCU homecomings and available homecoming game dates, so you can plan your attendance for this year or next. ​​

What is an HBCU Homecoming?

An HBCU, which stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, were the first academic facilities to educate African-American college students in the USA. An HBCU homecoming, it is rooted in voices and stories that enrichen their communities because of the institutions’ purpose and impact.

HBCU homecomings are annual gatherings that bring together students, alumni, and allies to honor and commemorate the enduring legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. These events go beyond football games and alumni reunions; they are a reflection on their profound contribution to the nation as a whole. 

These annual events are a jubilant display of unity and achievement, where the past, present, and future generations intersect, capturing the cultural identity and unbreakable spirit of Black people. Check out the official 2023 HBCU homecoming schedule below.

View The Official Eventnoire HBCU Homecoming Event Guide Below!

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HBCU Homecoming Games in September 2023

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September 23rd, 2023

Vs. Glenville State University at Lakin-Ray Field at Dickerson Stadium

Join the Yellow Jackets as they swarm back to campus, where unity and spirit reign supreme. Make sure you look the part and get WVSU school apparel here.

September 30th, 2023

Vs. Tuskegee University at Louis Crews Stadium

The Bulldogs proudly host unforgettable events every year that celebrate their heritage and academic excellence. Embrace college tradition and pick up some matching A&M attire here.

Vs. Johnson C. Smith University at Roebuck Stadium

At ECSU, the Vikings gather for a homecoming that’s as fierce as their school spirit. You don’t want to miss this year’s slew of fun and memories. Grab your stylish Elizabeth City University apparel right here

Vs. Albany State University at KY Alumni Stadium

The Thorobreds’ homecoming is where the pride of the Bluegrass State shines, marking a momentous occasion for all to enjoy. Explore official Kentucky State apparel and accessories at this site.

Vs. Lincoln University at Durley Stadium

​​Tigers, get ready to roar as TSU’s homecoming unleashes the essence of H-Town’s vibrant culture and history. Fit right in when you snag TSU attire from this store.

HBCU Homecoming Games in October 2023

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October 7th, 2023

Vs. Bethune-Cookman University at ASU Stadium

The Hornets’ homecoming is the heartbeat of Montgomery, Alabama, a showcase of tradition, scholarship, and pride. You and your crew could be the most well-dressed alumni when you shop Alabama State wear here. 

Vs. Grambling State University at Jack Spinks Football Stadium

The Braves’ homecoming is a celebration of Native American heritage and HBCU legacy in the heart of Mississippi with a twist of Vegas. Find the best apparel to rep your school, even after Alcorn State homecoming, here.  

Vs. Lincoln University at Mitchell Stadium

A Bluefield homecoming welcomes all to their beautiful West Virginia campus, where Great danes can really shine bright in blue apparel from here

Vs. Virginia State University at BSU Bulldog Stadium

The Bulldogs homecoming draws resilience and power from bringing together alumni, students, and friends. Discover the ideal Bowie State attire for homecoming and beyond at this store.

Vs. Lane College at Dr. Nathaniel Glover Community and Field Stadium

An Edward Waters homecoming embodies the spirit of Jacksonville, Florida’s Black experience — a fusion of culture, history, and higher education. Step into a tiger’s world when you shop at this HBCU fashion and apparel store.

Vs. Northeastern State University at LU Stadium

This Show-Me State homecoming is a testament to the excellence and unity in the Black community. All should experience the Lincoln legacy in-person. Check out stylish, Lincoln-branded school apparel right here for your next campus visit. 

Vs. Stony Brook University at Hughes Memorial Stadium

Nothing can stop a Bears’ homecoming in Baltimore, where a unique blend of history and innovation, showcasing the pride of this Charm City’s family. Shop school gear at this site in celebration of all things MSU. 

Vs. Johnson C. Smith at Durham County Memorial Stadium

This Bears’ homecoming in Raleigh is a testimony to Shaw’s rich history and moments in continuous pursuit of academic excellence. Start shopping here to be a part of your school’s fashion journey. 

October 14th, 2023

Vs. Allen University at ASU Coliseum

An ASU homecoming explodes with Georgia culture, history, and HBCU pride, inviting all to be a part of the Golden Ram family. Make your mark when you step back on campus with the right Albany State accessories for reppin’.

Vs. Texas Southern University at Daytona Stadium

The Wildcats’ homecoming in Daytona Beach is a high-octane celebration of Mary McLeod Bethune’s vision and legacy. School para doesn’t have to be boring — express yourself with Bethune-Cookman jerseys like these that would suit you perfectly. 

Vs. Savannah State University at McPherson Stadium

A Marauders’ homecoming in Ohio is an unparalleled experience, blending tradition, excellence, and Buckeye State pride. There is nothing more exciting than steppin’ out to CSU homecoming in outfits from here.

Vs. Alabama A&M University at Eddie G. Robinson Memorial Stadium

The Tigers host an electrifying homecoming,  with the roar to match, in Louisiana — where the spirit of Eddie Robinson lives on. Put your best look forward with a Grambling State outfit found here

Vs. Alabama State University at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium

The Tigers’ homecoming in Jackson is a testament to the importance of African-American contributions to the rich heritage of Mississippi and beyond. Elevate your JSU homecoming look with trendy school apparel from this store

Vs. Saint Augustine’s University at Irwin Belk Complex 

The Golden Bulls’ homecoming in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the mix of Queen City culture and academic excellence that you didn’t know you needed. Show off your Johnson C. Smith homecoming spirit with attire found on this site.  

Vs. University of Arkansas Pine Bluff at Rice-Totten Stadium

The Delta Devils’ homecoming in Itta Bena, Mississippi, showcases the heart and soul of the Magnolia State. This is where the Mississippi Valley fashion icons get their school wear, click here to get yours.  

Vs. Lincoln University at A. W. Mumford Stadium

We’re back in Louisiana for the Jaguars’ homecoming in Baton Rouge. It’s a dynamic celebration of Louisiana culture, tradition, and academic excellence. Skip the trends and get vintage Southern homecoming gear from this HBCU apparel shop.  

Vs. Norfolk State University at Hale Stadium

A Tennessee Tiger knows that homecoming in Nashville is a harmonious blend of music, history, and HBCU pride. Twin with your TSU alumni and peers with HBCU fashions from this popular place.  

Vs. Louisiana Christian University at All Saints Mewborne Field

Back in Tyler, Texas, the Steers’ homecoming is where big culture, heritage, and education come together. Shop Texas College branded school attire that matches your style for every day of homecoming here.

Vs. Edwards Waters University at Abbott Stadium

The Golden Tigers’ homecoming is a timeless celebration of Tuskegee’s impact on history and education. Get Tuskegee homecoming look inspirations perfect for Fall season here.

Vs. Bluefield State College at Rogers StadiumVirginia, it’s time for a homecoming celebration that’s as strong and vibrant as your school spirit. Join the Trojan family for a memorable reunion. You could be on-time to VSU homecoming and still be fashionably late in this HBCU apparel brand.

October 21st, 2023

Vs. Alcorn State University at Simmons Bank Field

Golden Lions, your homecoming is here and ready to blast Arkansas heritage and academic excellence for everyone to see. This annual event brings UAPB alumni and friends together. If you’re headed back to campus after a long time, check out this shop for your University of Arkansas PB attire.

Vs. Kentucky State University at Charlie W. Johnson Stadium

The Tigers’ homecoming is Columbia, South Carolina’s big cultural event. It’s where history, scholarship, and pride converge in a small town. That purple reeks of royalty so get your ideal Benedict homecoming outfit from here

Vs. Central State University at Panther Stadium

In the heart of Atlanta, CAU’s homecoming is an embodiment of the metropolitan’s deep culture, history, and educational greatness. This is your chance to make a statement, shop CAU homecoming college apparel here.

Vs. South Carolina State University at Delaware Alumni Stadium

The Hornets’ homecoming is a celebration of the First State’s rich heritage and DSU’s profound impact with Black students at the helm. It never fails to dress to impress with Delaware State school wear right here.

Vs. Johnson C. Smith University at Luther “Nick” Jeralds Stadium

The Broncos’ homecoming is Fayetteville’s cultural explosion, blending history and scholarship in North Carolina is fun for all to see. You could be a homecoming style ambassador with Fayetteville outerwear from this custom store.

Vs. Webber International University at Betty T. Ferguson Stadium

The Lions’ homecoming in Miami is a tribute to the Magic City’s vibrant culture, history, and the legacy of FMU. Start here to find the perfect look for a Florida Memorial homecoming. 

Vs. Morehouse College at Wildcat Stadium

The Wildcats’ homecoming in South Georgia is an embodiment of Peach State and its background. Dress up FVSU culture with real fashion and style from this shop

Vs. Norfolk State University at Greene Stadium

The Bison’s homecoming in the nation’s capital is a reflection of history, scholarship, and the enduring spirit of Howard. Add your personal touch to your HU homecoming attire available on this site

Tip: Discover the many events Eventnoire has for HU Bisons to attend during homecoming weekend when you search ‘howard’ here

Vs. University of Lynchburg at Lane Field

A Dragons’ homecoming in Jackson, Tennessee, showcases the soul of a service state — merging rich historical moments with scholarship and student achievement. Take your Lane homecoming fashion to the next level with apparel from this HBCU shop.

Vs. Arkansas Baptist College at W.E. Anderson Stadium

The Lions’ homecoming is where rich Black culture and Oklahoma history collide to make education a priority for our community. HBCU culture is nothing without student and alumni Langston U fashions from this online store

Vs. Shaw University at Livingstone Alumni Memorial Stadium

The Blue Bears’ homecoming in Salisbury, North Carolina, is a nice change of state scenery and its academic options. Shop and explore this shop’s range of fashionable Livingstone apparel for homecoming.

Vs. Allen University at Albert J. Sloan–Alumni Stadium

The Golden Bears’ homecoming in Fairfield, Alabama, is a fun celebration that matches the height of the state’s history with the success of its citizens and local businesses, often owned by alumni. Shop your school identity and individual style in this shop’s collection that features Miles gear. 

Vs. Tuskegee University at Wright Stadium

The Tigers’ homecoming in Savannah, Georgia, is a harmonious union of their coastal culture, history, and academic excellence. Let your inner tiger roar during SSU’s homecoming with fashion from this HBCU shop.

Vs. Lincoln University at Hovey Field

This Panthers’ homecoming in Richmond is the perfect blend of the Commonwealth state’s culture, heritage, and scholarly achievement. And you can dress the VUU way when you shop this website.

Vs. Saint Augustine’s University at Bowman Gray StadiumThe Rams’ homecoming is a celebration all things Black in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the historical impact of WSSU. This shop’s apparel is the wave for your next WSSU homecoming outing.

October 28th, 2023

Vs. Edward Waters University at Westwood High School Stadium

It can be a short drive to the Yellow Jackets’ homecoming in Columbia, South Carolina, where the vibrant showcase of their state culture, heritage, and education is displayed for the world to see during homecoming. This online store has Allen students and alumni shopping for their return to campus looks.

Vs. Prairie A&M University at Bragg Memorial Stadium

A&M students and alumnae make some noise at this homecoming in Tallahassee, Florida. It’s a dynamite explosion of Sunshine State culture, history, and colorful school pride. At FAMU’s homecoming, Rattlers can shop here to show school pride. 

Vs. North Carolina A&T University at Armstrong Stadium

The Pirates’ homecoming in Virginia, is where the state’s rich patriotic heritage and this university’s legacy shines. Get top-quality school attire at this online HBCU shop featuring Hampton attire.

No Homecoming Game

The Hornets’ homecoming in St. Louis, Missouri, is true recognition of the cultural fusion of this gateway city and its academic achievement. Jumpstart your HSSU homecoming journey with fly fashion at this shop.

  • Morehouse College and Spelman College Homecoming |  October 28

Vs. Kentucky State University at B.T. Harvey Stadium

Official Link to Morehouse Homecoming Information

Official Link to Spelman Homecoming Information 

Also known as the Spelhouse homecoming, the Maroon Tigers’ are ready to take home a win in Atlanta during this annual event that brings out the best in Black girl magic and Black boy joy. This online boutique has everything you need to infuse school spirit with your outfit.  

Vs. Morgan State University at William Dick Price StadiumSpartans, homecoming is here and ready to showcase Black culture and impact on Virginia’s history across academia, entertainment, sports, and more. Create a group look with your Norfolk besties when you shop this luxe collection.

HBCU Homecoming Games in November 2023

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November 4th, 2023

Vs. Norfolk State University at NCAT Truist Stadium

The Aggies’ homecoming in Greensboro merges maroon and white culture, history, and scholarship that cannot be replicated. There’s a world of NCAT fashion you’re missing out on unless you check out this store

Vs. Norfolk State University at O’Kelly-Riddick Stadium

The Eagles’ homecoming in Durham, North Carolina, is where you’ll find NCCU tearing up the field and stages, in a good way. Find and define your NCCU style by shopping this online source for homecoming looks.

Vs. University of Arkansas Pine Bluff at PVAM Panther Stadium

This Lone Star State’s homecoming in Prairie View, Texas, is a Panther celebration of culture, past achievements, and notable memories. Walk the runway with a twist when you explore this store’s HBCU clothing selection. 

  • South Carolina State University Homecoming |  November 4

Vs. Howard University at Oliver C. Dawson StadiumWhenever Orangeburg is ready, the Bulldogs’ homecoming is a glowing reminder of South Carolina’s academic success in the Black community. This HBCU clothing store has an impressive variety of SCSU apparel for homecoming weekend.

November 11th, 2023

Vs. Trinity Baptist at Dent Hall (Women’s Basketball)

Vs. John Melvin at Dent Hall (Men’s Basketball)

The Blue Devils’ homecoming in New Orleans is an enlightening celebration of the Crescent City’s food, culture, and language. Fashion is always reinventing itself and you — shop this carefully curated collection.

Vs. Talladega College (Women’s Basketball)

Vs. Middle Georgia State University (Men’s Basketball)It may feel like you’re going far but Tigers, your homecoming is in Denmark, South Carolina and full of memorable experiences to be had. Shop this HBCU apparel store for a fresh twist on what to wear to homecoming.

November 18th & 19th, 2023

Vs. George Washington (Women’s basketball) at Leonard E. Dawson Center

Vs. Penn (Men’s basketball) at Leonard E. Dawson Center

Hawks fly in for homecoming every year on the eastern shore. This annual event is a reflection of Maryland culture, history, and academic impact. Stock up on para from your school’s bookstore — it’s fashionable too.  

vs . Morris College at Tullis ArenaComing home to South Carolina for homecoming bridges country culture with the southern state’s local heritage and education. This HBCU brand made sure to have CIAA apparel for Clafin students and alum to shop.


How much does it cost to attend Homecoming?

When planning to attend an HBCU homecoming, there are several financial and experiential factors to consider. While the costs can vary widely due to a number of factors, attendees should anticipate spending anywhere from $500 to $2,000 for a memorable HBCU homecoming experience. First, the city in which the homecoming is held can significantly impact your budget. Larger cities with more expensive accommodation and dining options may require a larger financial commitment. Consider staying locally with friends or family to save on a hotel stay and enjoy the festivities as a group. 

A weekend event will likely be more budget-friendly than a week-long celebration. To get the most out of the experience, allocate funds not only for travel, accommodations, and event tickets but also for any memorabilia and alumni gatherings that have a ticket attached. Remember, no matter the cost, if you properly save and plan well — the rich cultural and social experience is often well worth the financial investment.

Why should I attend an HBCU Homecoming?

Homecomings also serve as a cultural celebration, class reunion, and great springboard for meeting people. You’re often connected with peers, potential mentors, and collaborators once you attend. You also become looped into opportunities for alumni because you’re back on campus engaging. Here are a few things to expect when attending homecoming: 

  • Cultural Celebration: Experience a unique celebration and rich stories of HBCUs, especially your alma-mater or the ones in your city.
  • Reunion: Reunite with friends, classmates, and mentors all in one place, without the hassle.
  • Lively Festivities: Enjoy fun experiences and events, parades, concerts, and tailgating that create unforgettable moments.
  • Professional Networking: Use this occasion for valuable networking and connections for personal or professional matters.
  • Support Black Education: Actively contribute to and support the ongoing success of HBCUs, making a meaningful impact on these academic institutions.

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Homecoming season is the perfect time to come together with like-minded individuals, celebrate your shared experiences, and enhance your personal growth. Catching up with old friends and faculty that made a difference in your life is even better. It’s an opportunity to connect with those who share your background and aspirations, making the experience even more fulfilling. 
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